Arena Medals & Quest Medals: WHAT ARE THEY FOR EXACTLY ???

  • These two in game medals we earn from finding them in quests and receiving them by playing in ranked in Arena weekly, BUT WHAT ARE THEY FOR?

    Are we collecting these for something special????? Or are they just gunna pile up in our inventory ??? I bet we as player would love to be able to use these medals for something that will benefit us in the game, from converting them into something we can use like gems or coins, or maybe even get some hard to get heroes, who knows what these will be used for, BUT I HOPE that we will have some use for them in the future !!!!!

    Share your thoughts as well 😄

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @Junior4DotB i have 20 something quest medals and 1 arena medal XD

  • English User

    When the arena ranking rewards was introduced and with it, arena medals, they told us a coop ranking was coming as well... So yeah, looks like it's not going as fast as they had hoped.

    Some players must have a lot of arena medals by now.

  • English User

    as of yet nothing but in a yet unreleased update just like lab points they'll be used to eventually be used to purchase stuff via the LAB i have yet to figure out as of WHEN this unreleased update will take place for it's got many bugs and kinks to get fixed but as a guesstamite i'd probably say sometime in late October-early November