The annoying Lab Coin BUTTON in the lab, you know the one don't ya ?

  • English DoTB community

    So, sometime ago there was a Lab coin button added to the Lab, and it ANNOYS ME SO MUCH, is it there to just taunt us with it's nonfunctionality or will be actually of some sort of use in the future????

    Speaking of Lab Coins, wouldn't it great if we could get replace the Enhance Coins in the Lab with the ability of purchasing Lab Coins, most of us veterans know how to grind for Enhance Coins and probably have more than enough of them than we really need, thus not needing to purchase them from the Lab. Lab Coins on the other hand are a bit harder to come by but isn't impossible to get, but not everyone is going to spend time farming for alot of items to selll for Lab Coins, some of us might be willing to use some of our gems to be able to purchase Lab Coins, right????

    So what's your opinion on the Lab Coins, do you like the current way of getting them or would you like to see another option of being able to acquire them ?

  • Killjoy the serial killer group :)

    i completely agree

  • English User

    to answer your second question yes i believe everyone wants another way to gain lab points outside of the very rare pick up's in story mode

  • English User

    first off to answer about the lab coin button in the lab YES there will be a use for it in a FUTURE update yet to come there will be an option to use LAB,ARENA or MISSION coins a.k.a. the blue coins you pick up in story mode/mission


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