Arena Rank Balance revision, is it needed?

  • English DoTB community

    I've been playing a bit more Arena lately and i noticed that sometimes low ranked players are paired off with S and S+ players, some people are ok with this and some aren't. Opinion wise, would you as an Arena playerlike to see a better update to the matchmaking system based on rank? I personally would like to see it happen, but the Arena would probably need to be alot more active for it to happen.

    If they could do a rank matchmaking update:

    Ranks C- to B+

    Ranks A- to S+

    Another idea could be implementing an option for 2v2 in the lower half of the ranks, and have 3v3 for A- and above, but just a suggestion, it's not always easy to get a full 3v3 often in Arena ( even quite a few of us would leave a room and come right back to prevent the room from timing out LOL )

    If you have any opinions on Arena ranking matchups, feel free to share !

  • English User

    I would love to see Ranked 1v1.

  • English DoTB community

    i agree that ranked matches need 1v1 i don't really like that it is 3v3 and only 3v3

  • English User

    i agree also for anyone who becomes a.f.k should be the ones to only lose points if they're team loses cause of them i lost a rank and a half cause of afk'ers

  • It's a very good idea.
    I think the matching system should be improved.
    I can not play comfortably because there are players who do not move.
    Rank match should be 1on1.
    A team match is enough with a free match.


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