Question regarding extended event.

  • Has anyone successfully pulled an event character from the gacha since the event was extended?

    I did over 200 pulls with the tickets/ gems and didn't see a single event character which feels odd compared to previous events.

    I may just be being paranoid, but I just wanted to get some confirmation that I was unlucky and that they didn't somehow accidentally removed the characters from the gacha at the original end of the event.

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    @Evan no your seeing right unless my lucks that horrible drew 42 times once and never got one that's of course with the freebie you get with 300 gems

  • I might just be misunderstanding the way you're writing the percentages, but the chance of a gold gacha ball should be 4.00% (roughly 1 in every 20) not 0.05% as per the prize rates that they have listed on the capsule page.

    Also thanks for the response. Since you mention that they haven't removed them, I'll assume you must've gotten one since after the extension. That's all I was really looking for was a confirmation that there wasn't a bug/mistake that removed them from the capsules without people realizing.

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    regarding your question no they have not removed them they're still there just that there's a .05% chance of getting a gold gacha ball and a .01% chance that a silver ball will transform into a gold ball and about a .03-.04% chance of getting the desired character from it