why do I keep getting equipment

  • out of at least 50 draws on the event most resently I got 8-10 SR pieces of eqipment and only 1 SR hero. 😠 so why the hell have I only gotten 3 SR heros and 18 Sr eqipment. do they just have an increased drop chance or am I just the words unluckiest video game player? 😠 😠 😠

  • SR heroes have a 4% chance of dropping and other has a 30% chance of dropping. The information given doesn't go further than that for the prize rates, but I would assume it then does a roll with 50% chance of equipment and 50% chance of gemstone (I'm assuming that gemstones are in the other category.)

    For the newest capsule there are only the two SR equipments, so based on my previous guesses you would have something like a 15% chance of one of those vs a 4% chance of a SR character.