were are my sr heros?

  • wtf can someone explain why i'v goten 16 SR eqipment and in total 26 SR eqipment and 4 SR herose.????? 😠

  • SR equipment is going to have a higher drop rate than SR heroes since they can be acquired through normal gameplay. That's simply the way it's always going to be. You've got a 30% chance of getting something from the other section vs a 4% for an SR hero.

    Now what I do agree as a problem is the event character drop rates. In the older events it seemed like if an SR dropped you had a good chance it was going to be an event SR. As of the hime/hina events that no longer seems to be the case. They still continue to state that the event characters have a higher chance of dropping than the regular SRs, but I think they severely nerfed how much higher that chance is.

  • it's sill the gacha luck, plus the odds of each rarity of the heroes and items

  • @Crymzon1980
    that doesn't explain why I'v gotten 8x more SR equipment then SR herose and not a single event heroes from all three events. now i'm storing tickets and gems for last day draws. currently i'm on 27 tickets and 248 gems.

  • Because of Gacha game luck, you'll eventually gain more SR, they're not easily given to you


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