The interesting influence behind the Equips, I was amazed!

  • So I always wondered what the Equips were desgined after, but it didn't hit me until our latest hololive event and the character Okami Mio.

    So I noticed in Mio's moveset, some of her cards have pictures of equips we use in the game, well at least 3 of them we recognize:

    The Fool
    The Star

    The fourth card is actually an equip as well, BUT it is one that hasn't been released for us to use, but I actually hope maybe it'll be something we may get in the future.

    I was chatting a buddy of mine on discord and we were talking about ideas for new equips, and the Fate element doesn't have many equips solely for it, and I was also would've like to be able to farm for something like that in Episode 10 (since quite a few episodes you are able to farm for certain equips ) and i was like what would they call it? Since the names for the existing equips must have a meaning for them to be called those, I got curious and googled a few of them together, and got some interesting info.

    My search resulted in meanings of Tarot Cards, more specifically The Major Arcana Tarot cards, which alot of the Equips in the game are designed after. Also reading on the meanings of these cards I saw that they have upright and reversed meanings, which in the game the equips have an upright and a reversed version of each (not counting any collab-releated equips) i was like this is quite interesting! The 4th card i mentioned earlier in Mio's moveset highly resembles the card called The Wheel of Fortune, which depicts a Wheel with symbols, and a snake intertwines through the wheel.

    Another cool thing is about the two weekend bosses, XVII and XVIII, and the equips that they drop, The Star and The Moon. In tarot card reading, The Star card has the roman numeral xvii on it, and the moon has xviii on it.

    There's also another equip not too many people know about, which is known as the Judgement Equip, a special equip drop from the New Years event when we were introduced to Chronos, the God of Time, who cast his "judgement" and was going to erase the existence of the world, but his plans was thwarted thanks to our heroes and the help of Mei Shiranui.

    There are other unreleased equips that exist, but I hope that we will someday receive them and some more to the story as well.

  • that was rlly smart now i rlly how for more tarot card - based equips