Top 5 things that i HATE about my DoTB account

  • #1 on my first gacha ball i got a SR hero but now i hardly get any.
    #2 i am still stuck on the ultimale duo level.
    #3 it is SOOOOOO hard to gring for lab ponts - seriously we need a way to buy them-
    #4 i never get any SR event heroes
    #5 i never get any star awakening crystals

    leave the things you hate in the comments!

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    i hate that event heros are so hard to get ;-;

  • @Zizzi I never ever get SR event heros either! I only have 1!!!

    1. there is only one way to get event characters but pulling 150 times 😕

    2. its kind of hard to get spirt gems

    3. there is NO 1V1 ranked matches

    4. it takes a long time for a new episode

    5. getting lab points is annoying and hard OOF

  • English User

    Zizzi the first SR you get is automatic after that it's mostly luck like for me my luck seems random some days my lucks .05 and other .5 for SR's

    1. Gacha prices. The average price for an SR shouldn't be $125 and guaranteeing a event super rare shouldn't be $750. That's just price gouging at the extreme.
    2. The cost and limits for getting missed event characters. 1 ticket, $60 - $75 bare minimum (though most people probably pay more than that).
    3. Only letting those that have purchased a ticket find out what's in the missed event character gacha (are the characters I want even in there?)
    4. Setting it up so you get less premium gems when you buy larger quantities of gems. (seriously there shouldn't even be a premium and non premium version of gems, it's just confusing.)
    5. Forcefully using premium gems first even if normal gems would work (once again, why are there two different currencies that are being added together in the first place)

  • and yes i know i spelt grind wrong it was a typo