Awakening help

  • uh so how do awakenings work in this game? how can I awaken my event hero? does it have to be done during the event or can I gather awakening materials after the event is over?

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    @Phoutem forgot that fact lol and your right about the Xmas one

  • Exceptions exist for certain event characters.
    Buoyant Splash from the 2018 summer event required special items you received from completing missions. I believe this also extended to Mikami in the xmas event.

    Limit breaking event characters is also related a bit to this topic, since many event-only characters don't appear in the rare capsule, so only carbuncles can do the necessary character enhancements the job after the event ends, and you are unable to acquire more of the character duplicates through the event.

  • The characters can be awakened at any time, however the event missions for awakening them that give free gems can only be completed during the event period.

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    the materials are the same as the normal heros so you can get them even after the event ends