Event Drop Questions

  • Couple of questions for the current Hololive crossover events.

    1. Has anyone been receiving Subaru the duck as drops from the 4 relevant event missions? I haven't seen them drop since about the first week of the event.

    2. Has anyone seen a ticket drop from the Very Hard co-op missions? The event info mentions ticket drops, but it's not very clear as to whether they're only referring to the first time drop or if they're actually farmable. I'm currently assuming they mean the first time drop until I hear otherwise, I've pasted the exact wording and a link below.

    Defeat the Hololive imposters & the Ebi Frion empowered Hatotaur in this Limited Time Event
    to receive Hololive Crossover Capsule Ticket 2.0, which can be used to pull from the
    Hololive Crossover Capsules III and IV!


  • I can answer 1 of my own questions now, so I'll post it here in case anyone else is curious. I just received Subaru, so it's still dropping.


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