How many SR do you guys have?

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    i Don't remember what i have...i forgot to check before i posted this XD. OOF

  • @Foxfire

    To my knowledge, the following is a list of all event characters that have been released. I've also added a name in parenthesis to identify the character. Also note that all characters from Bunny Hime onward in Event rares and Lightbringer onward in Event super rares are crossover characters to my knowledge and may not ever be available again (though I seriously hope I'm wrong on that.)

    Event Rares

    Buoyant Splash (Tae Suzuki)
    Marine Maiden (Ichika Hatsushika)
    Gothic Marionette (Nono Himekura)
    Defense Secretary (Shizuka Mikami)
    Bunny Hime (Tanaka Hime)
    Bunny Hina (Suzuki Hina)
    Subaru the Duck (Oozora Subaru)

    Event Super Rares

    Ocean Diva (Mikoto Misono)
    Claw of Byakko (Ryo Miyanoshita)
    Kiss Kill Lilith (Kiri Kanegae)
    Winter Star (Mikoto Misono)
    Aurora Queen (Yuki Kagura)
    Kikoku Yojin -Narukami- (Mei Shiranui)
    Ophanim Angel (Ichika Hatsushika)
    Nightraven (Romeo)
    Lightbringer (Resha)
    ChaosBringer (Eris)
    Hime (Tanaka Hime)
    Hina (Suzuki Hina)
    HimeHina (Tanaka Hime) / (Suzuki Hina)
    Cutting-edge Robot (Roboco)
    Hololive Gamer (Fubuki Shirakami)
    Hololive Resistance (Aqua Minato)
    Ultimate Roboco (Roboco)
    Black Wolf (Mio Ookami)
    Hololive Reveler (Natsuiro Matsuri)
    Foxfire Fubuki (Fubuki Shirakami)
    Sha Rue Ys (Aki Rosenthal)
    Inaba Family Boss (Haneru Inaba)
    Magical Girl Prodigy (Ichika Souya)

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    @Evan what kind of event characters i only have hololive cuz thats when i started this game

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