Need Equipment cost 5 each type

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    We need equipement cost 5 because the cost 6 are unvailable on R 3 stars and N 4 stars ! For each type (Vita, Fate, Terra and Fortune).

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    I discovered a fate equip who got 5 cost in equipment. It is the Star reverse and it is very usefull. Because the up cost 6 and the down cost 5.

  • I'm not against having equipment with a cost of 5, but I don't think the reasons listed really justify it.

    Once you have enough R characters to fill your team N characters quickly lose their value. If anything they become a hindrance in the later levels since they can't level past 50 to keep up with the enemies. And the characters you use are going to be characters that you do max to 4 stars whether R or SR, so you would still be able to use a cost 6 on them.


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