Top 5 Things I Want in DoTB

  • English DoTB Lovers

    1~Easier ways to get spirit gems
    2~Different ways to get the FLIPPIN EVENT HERO'S :(]
    3~1V1 Arena matches
    4~Being able to switch YOUR FLIPPIN LINKED ACCOUNT!!!!
    5:Higher chance ti get SR hero's

    These are things I want, but what about you?
    (P.S I use FLPPIN to replace Le F Word)

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @Evan wow. thats alot

  • ☆BlazeChannel Official☆

    i want marine maiden

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    i want voice chat in the co-op and arena. UwU :3

    1. Put all the rooms that have been created in the event section of Co-op into one location. Having to jump in and out of each section is frustrating and makes it harder for people to find what rooms are available. It would be better to have all rooms in one location and then allow the player to use filters for what co-op event content they want to see.
    2. Allow players to recover fatigue while within a co-op room.
    3. Allow players to see the level of the players hosting a room. I'm tired of jumping into a very hard room only to find that there's a level 15 sitting there expecting me to solo the content for him when I can't even solo the content for myself.
    4. A visible notice/notification when a player is changing equipment/characters in co-op, so you know they haven't just gone afk.
    5. Alternate teams. I have one group of characters that I'm leveling and another group that I use for the very hard content. It's tiresome having to constantly change out all of the characters and reset their equipment every time I want to do a difficult piece of content. Please allow us to save a 2nd or even 3rd character loadout for each set of content.
    6. 1 Chooseable SR per event. We usually have about 4 SR characters per event, it would be nice if we got the option to choose just one of them at the end of the event. Even if it meant less tickets. At least let us choose 1 SR at the end of the year as a Christmas present from among all the SRs available that year.
    7. Alternately to number 6, give us some content that can only be done x number of times per week/month that allows us to slowly earn gemstones for any/all SRs that have ever appeared. Make it slow enough that acquiring all characters through it wouldn't be possible, but reasonable enough that earning an SR that you missed and really wanted would be feasible.
    8. Monthly pass gacha allow those players that purchase the monthly pass to pull a gacha which includes all characters/items/SRs. Make the event SRs super low chance, but make them available through that gacha with some luck.
    9. Timed battle. We currently have defense type characters, but they don't seem very useful. So how about some battles where the point isn't to defeat all of the enemies but rather to survive for the duration of the timer?
    10. Co-op queues. If someone sets a Co-op quest to the "doing multiple runs" option, then please let us queue up to join when they finish their current run.
    11. Close confirmations. These may not be needed for all areas but there are some areas where I have accidentally closed out of something I didn't mean to, like using abilities before a boss at the end of a map.
    12. Alternate item abilities. Some items have functions / abilities that have 0 use in non-map areas. It would be nice if there were alternate abilities for Co-op / Quest / Arena. Especially if it would make it easier to balance things.

    I'm so sorry, once I start making suggestions, I don't tend to stop. I do agree with suggestions 2 and 5 though, hence suggestions 6 - 8 on my list.