enemy capsuls

  • how about this. since you've allrady have plenty of 3d modles and moves to go allong with it. you could turn allot of the enemies into capsul draws. this could be like a special event at the varry least. or you could make an antire diferrent kind of game mode. sure it migh take a while to creat sometging brand new and big, but it would be worth it.

    prt. 2
    so far we only have 3 game mods with all 3 of them is just strait up battls. so, i sujest one comon kind. (if possible) a defencive kind, where one person makes a defence using enemy's capsuls, then the othere person tries to get to the end of it. the settup is only limitted by levle whitch gives points to spend on enemis ofcorse. the raiders will be reworded of corse or on the othere hand you could make it so your attacker can steal from you, say 10% for lvl10d vs lvl10a, and 1% for lvl10d vs lvl20a and you can't terrorise anyone 21 or more levles bellow you so if your a levle 31attacker attacking levle 10 deffence you woun't be able to.