We need more ways to farm Awakening Crystals.

  • I personally find it extremely annoying that I have so many units I can't fully awaken because of the lack of crystals. TRYING to farm them on weekends only sucks.

  • @Derek I guess I've just gotten lucky with the awakening crystals or unlucky with SRs then, cause I currently have every single SR I own fully awakened along with a couple of normals and rares here and there. So yea it seems fine at the current rate to me, but I have no clue if I'm an outlier.

    I'm currently missing 18 SRs if that gives you an idea one way or the other.

  • Yeah but the amount and odds are so minimal you can only fully awaken a few units.
    3X12 = 36 of each guaranteed per YEAR and some SRs require like 8.

    As someone who's played this whole first year since last July I think there's definitely an issue with how hard they are to get.

  • Currently you can acquire the 4th awakening crystal through the following means.

    1. The 2 weekend co-op quests you mentioned
    2. Purchased from the lab using lab points on both the limited tab and item tab. (The 2500 point box that appears randomly on the limited tab includes one of each color)
    3. The free daily draw (you can save up friend points to get multiple draws)
    4. Co-op quest mission. Every 5 co-op quests completed gives a chance to draw a crystal. This is probably also the case for the arena quest as well.
    5. Events. You may be able to purchase crystals from an event store, have them appear from missions or event logins or even have them drop as a reward from event co-op quests.

    No they aren't common in any of these cases, but we have quite a few ways to acquire them. And you can guarantee 3 of each type every 30 days if you save up lab points for them.


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