friend capsuls?

  • i'm prety sure iv'e done at least 500 draws or 50,000 points and i never got a single SR hero out of it, even though the picture and text clearly say R & SR herose. can someone check me on that if thev'e gotten an SR hero in the past 3-4 months? and if anybody knows out there what my chances are at getting an SR hero, pleas let me know.

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    i get lots of SR but in the form of fragments and equipment only rarely get a full SR character usually get R characters more frequently

  • What Motoki is mentioning is what I do as well. I build up to 10,000 friend points and then open 100 of em. Even then I think I've only gotten 1 SR our of the last 3 or 4 times that I've opened them.

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    I win Adorable Jiganshi and Wings of Flame with friend booster ! It works when I open a lot of unlucky opened.

  • I was starting to wonder the same thing, but I just got an SR yesterday from using friend points. They're there, but since it's free the chances are low. Based on my own use, I would bet they lowered it below 1% earlier this year.