The booster 5th hololive not work correctly for many of my friends

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    Despite many winning tickets of 5th booster, Me, my little brother and my friends noticed bug on this booster. indeed, after opening all tickets, here the result :

    Sr 0% instead of 4%
    R 10% instead of 20%
    N 55% instead of 46%
    others 35% instead of 30%

    If 1 or 2 players were concerned, we could say "they are unlucky"
    But it's more than that and even a youtuber was concerned.

    All bug victims then tried another booster and the results aren't the same. The other booster were safe.

    Only one of my friend win a Sr card in 5th booster wih 10 tries. other 0 !

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    @Evan In truth, hololive 5th work correctly but juin 2019 ago, 3th pull (10) and more give less SR.

    For example : 1 pull 4% 2 pull 3% 3 pull 1% 4 pull 0,5% etc a day ! and 2 pull missed + another pull = 0 SR

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    I opened 110 boosters of 5th hololive .and won 0 Sr. My brother opened 50 and 0 Sr but when he opened 20 1st-4th boosters, he won 1 Sr. Only one of my friend won 1 Sr in 50 opening (5th booster).

  • How many tickets did you guys end up using? Cause even I got some SR's when opening the 5th capsule, though none of them were event SR's.