The Fantasy Realm 【Episode 4 pt. 2】

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    Annabelle: a deal? hm..what kind of deal?

    Cain: you give me your soul, and i help you save your mother

    Annabelle(mind): my soul for my mother......


    Cain: *steals Annabelle's soul *

    Annabelle: *eyes turn black and a mark appears on her wrist *

    Cain: *gives anna a sword * that is not your mother, that is a demon you need to kill

    Annabelle: mother...i will save you..*goes up to Isabella *

    Isabella: A-anna?! w-what are you doing with that sword?!

    Annabelle: I'm going to save you...

    Isabella: s-save me?!

    Annabella: stop anna!!! *jumps on anna *

    Annabelle: *elbows annabella in the stomach and accidentally kills her *

    Isabella: a-anna!! stop now!

    Annabelle: shut up demon!

    Isabella: ...d-demon?

    Annabelle: i'm going to save you mother...*stabs Isabella in the stomach *

    Isabella: anna..i can not believe you'd do this...i am sorry...*dies *

    Annabelle: w-wait..she isnt waking up! cain..h-he..he lied..*begins to cry * sorry! *tries to resurrect Isabella and annabella but fails * it failed...ifi cant resurrect you...i'll join you..*use the sword to kill herself and dies *

    boom so that is anna's(mah oc's) back story. and she became a demon and went to hell but escaped and went to earth 1 month later and became adopted by two loving parents, Subaru Natsuki and Rem Natsuki (plz don't kill meh XD)

  • i made a beautiful series *wipes le tear *

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

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