The Fantasy Realm【Ep. 6 Die tonight or servant for life?】

  • 不知火さん好きの集い・冥

    Annabelle: *pulls out a knife * i-i...i won't l-let you lay one hand on m-me!

    Mason: *chuckles * by the way your shaking and stammering i don't think you even have the courage to stab me

    Annabelle: y-yes i do!

    Mason: you have 2 can die tonight...or be a servant for life

    Annabelle(mind): die tonight or servant for life...

    Mason: you should thank me. im actually giving you a choice. so what do you choose?

    Annabelle: ...s-servant....

    Mason: *walks closer to anna *

    Annabelle: *mark on her head glows and her scythe appears * HA GOTCHA BITCH!! I AIN'T GOING TO DIE HERE!

    Mason: to think i thought you'd actually agree that easily.. *grabs a dagger *

    Annabelle: sorry human but you won't hurt me! you can't

    Mason: human? HA!! I'm not human

    Annabelle: i don't care what you are *charges at him with her scythe *

    Mason: *uses dagger to put a deep cut on her forehead were the mark is damaging her powers *

    Annabelle: *passes out *


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