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    So tonight( or today) we will be talking about the main protagonists of The Fantasy Realm, Emery Rine, And Annabelle Natsuki.

    Emery is your normal edgy 13 y/o human musician, she is always found wearing her red hoodie and her red blootooth headphones on. Her and anna are like sisters pretty much, she looks up to anna probably cuz shes 16 and shes 13 XD. Her favorite colors are light pink, red, and black, and her dere type is tsunedere with like 5% yandere. Emery was my oc in 2018 but in January of 2020 I changed my oc to Annabelle. And Emery is her best friend.

    Annabelle is a 17 y/o neko demon, she is usually wearing the lavender sweater with an eye on that emery made for her, a black skirt, black stockings that go up to her thighs, and school shoes. She spends most of her time either in her room, wit emery, or writing songs. Her and emery do minor concerts (birthdays, mostly parties) together. Annabelle's weapon is her scythe, but she can't use it (read episode 6) because her powers were damaged. her dere type is dandere mixed with yandere, and her favorite colors include, black, lavender, dark purple, and blood red.

    ok so boom there is the info. it is literally almost 12:00 am here and i'm not tired, so i might go ahead and make episode 7. anywayyyy, love you all so stay safe from the corona! i can't have any of you dieing on me! baiiii

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    @CharaAsterno yesh. if you wanna have an easier time finding it go to the search bar and search the fantasy realm

  • @Anna-Demon that on here?

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    @CharaAsterno nah. (info i didnt put) shes a dark sorceress, shes from my series The Fantasy Realm. I recommend you read it, its pretty good

  • sounds like a samurai

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    @CharaAsterno yeah. my oc is annabelle natsuki. (anna)

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