The Fantasy Realm【Episode 11 Soulless Annabelle】

  • 不知火さん好きの集い・冥

    (at le gleeful twins residence basement)

    Anna: *sigh * blood still stains when the sheets are washed, sex dont sleep when the lights are are still depressed when you dress them up...syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup..

    Mable: ugh will you shut up! nobody wants to hear your ear rape voice!

    Anna: and i dont wanna see you plastic face but im forced to

    Mable:?! plastic?! *slaps anna and she falls down *

    Anna(mind): it was just a slap...dont do it...youll regret it..

    Mable: *kicks her *

    Anna: *starts to shake *

    Mable: *grabs a knife and cuts annas arm *

    (things get 10+ here beware!)

    Anna: *eyes turn pitch black and she turns into soulless annabelle *

    Mable: what the- *slowly backs away *

    Soulless Annabelle: you...*the mark on her head sparks and her scythe appears *

    Mable: what are y-

    Soulless Annabelle: say good night *slices Mable in 2 with her scythe *

    Mason: what the hell?!

    Soulless Annabelle: night night *stabs mason *


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