Angels of the Rainbow: S2E3

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    LD: Well, at least he didn't murder me. How about I treat myself to a bit of "coofee" or coughe or whatever it was? (at the cafe)*slurp slurp *
    Lashura: Is that LD? H-Hold on, guys.
    Hattori: Wait! I can come too!
    Kanayakko: Well, look who's attempting to be a knight in shining armor today.
    Lashura: You can't come. It's too dangerous!
    Hattori: *eyes turn orange * HOW COME!?
    Lashura: *gasp * Ok, you can!
    Hattori: Yay~♡
    Kanayakko: Um, the hell?
    Hattori (in mind): Yesss! Spying with my sexy SEMPAIII! Now to get her luminous body stuck in my mind.. Ahh.
    Lashura: What's LD doing here, anyway?
    Hattori: I.... haven't.... the... slightest... ooh... idea.
    LD: *sees them and walks outside * Get your other friend over here. We need to talk.
    Hattori: About what?
    LD: Angels.
    Hattori: Is this dude on crack??
    Kanayakko: What the fuck do you want?
    LD: *touches his heart and Kanayakko's heart he then does the same to Hattori. they both start floating with Kanayakko's eyes turning red and Hattori's orange * They are the angels of orange and red. And I'm the angel of.. *blue wings spread out of his back. * BLUE! So, I'll be joining you.
    Lashura: Alright, fine, but no funny business, ok?
    LD: I assure you!
    Hattori: *takes LD away * She's mine, bitch!
    Le end. owo


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