The waste heat of the beginning

  • Re:Zero

    This is not mine. This is from Re zero book 1. Prologue by Teppei Nagatsuki
    -This is really, really not good.
    Feeling the hard texture of the ground against his face, he realized that he had fallen facedown on the ground. He couldn't move, even when he tried, and he already couldn't feel his fingers. What he did feel was a certain heat, and it overwhelmed his entire body.

    • It's hot, its hot, its hot , its hot , its hot , its hot , its hot.
      He coughed and vomited the blood he felt rising in his throat - the source of his waning life. So much came out that it frothed at the edges of his mouth. With his hazy vision, he could see the ground in front of him stained red.
    • You've.... got to be kidding me..... All this is mine?
      Feeling as though all of the blood in his body had spilled out of him, he reached a shaking hand to try to find the source of the heatthat was burning through his body. As his fingertips reached the large cut in his stomach, he understood. No wonder it felt so hot. His brain must have been mistaking pain for heat. The clean gash that ran through his torso was so deep it had almost sliced him in half. Only bits of skin were still holding him together.
      In other words, he had run right into a checkmate in the chess game of his life. As soon as he realized that, his consciousness immediately began to fall away from him. ......
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  • Re:Zero

    Note. Im not trying to steal his work. I just like it so much that i am advertising it for others to discover


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