The Fantasy Realm【S2 Ep1 Pt. 2 Nope】

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    (after blaze explains all of what tf he just saw XD)

    Emery: ok so she killed Stanford, Stanley, and Mable, but she didn't kll mason?

    Blaze: I don't see the weird fuckers corpse anywhere

    Lily: can i go?

    Emery: no.

    Blaze: -_- can we just go home

    Emery: okie

    (at le home)

    Blaze: Welp shes alive. she just passed out

    Subaru: do you know what happened?

    Blaze: well i know what i saw

    Subaru: ok. what did you see?

    Blaze: welll i saw the corpses of Stanley, Stanford, and Mable Gleeful, but the thing that confuses me is why did she kill them but not mason?

    Lily: you all are dumbasses...

    Blaze: NANI!?

    Lilly: how do you know that she didnt try to kill him, but he walked away after all of this?

    Rem: She has a point

    Blaze: *goes to annas room and puts her on her bed *

    Emery: ima go home. im sure big brothers worried

    Lily: i need to go see if dia's burned down the house yet...

    End of S2 Ep1

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    Me when i read this:

    Lily: your all dumbasses..

    Irl meh: *imagines the thug life glasses on her cuz shes a savage *