Taylor(irl me) Vs. Annabelle

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    Taylor: alright enough thats it ive had it i done no more i cant nopenopenope

    Annabelle: what?

    Taylor: look im a story writer, i make a bunch of othef characters, plus i make my own content, and yet everyone wants you and more of The Fantasy Realm, Instead of my content!(but that is your content XD) I cant do it anymore

    Annabelle: giving up so soon? theres so man-

    Taylor: I dont wanna hear it you little psycho(*cough cough * even though your a psycho too) Annabelle X Justin, Emery X Mikeala, MASON X DEATH (yay kill him!!) im done! I have skits and songs to make, i cant spend anymore time on this

    Annabelle: hmph weakling...

    Taylor: what did you say?!

    Annabelle: your weak! you have a gold mine in your hands and you refuse to do more?! how selfish and pathetic are you?

    Taylor: ohh ho ho ho nononono your not gonna pull that bullshit on me Annabelle! Do not make me desimate you!

    Annabelle: I want to see you try

    The final battle Annabelle Natsuki Vs. Taylor Kiyama

    Annabelle: Nobody cares about your content. All they wanna see is me destroying all of my competition with knifey and scythey. My fame is international.(are you sure about that?)I am both hated and loved. You chain yourself to your bed(no i dont)and creat crap no one knows of! Shooting Stars? Please that songs a fading fad. I can't even count the errors and mistakes that song had! You'll never make it big! You cant even perfect your own music. When you fade to nothing, people will still be screaming my name.

    Taylor: My Songs aren't perfect. I get reminded of that everyday. But at least I have the brains and metaphorical balls to say that I DONT GIVE A FUCK I DO WHAT I WANT, BOO! At least I can speak my fucking mind, unlike you! cuz no matter who you kill and no matter who you sway, Justin will never truly love you cuz youll never truly say, "Hi! My name is Annabelle. Would you like to be my friend?" maybe if you'd stoped fucking around maybe youll get your happy end!

    Annabelle: Don't bring sempai into this i know exactly what im doing. The world isn't ready for the murder that is coming. In the meantime people will forget about you. Mistake. Because you wont listen to what your "fans" want: That's ME.

    Taylor: Your not the only girl I made, I made a killer and a queen. I made a bunch of other women; some which you have never seen. Your not special. Your a 16 year old soulless broken doll.(well your a 12 year old broken human)Who has a weapon pretty big but a brain super small.

    Annabelle: *laughs like a giggly bitch *

    Taylor: what chu laghin at bitch?!

    Annabelle: That's the best you got?

    Taylor: what the fuck do you mean?

    Annabelle: those verses were weak, your not proving anything.

    Taylor: This battle wasn't about proving anything. It was about shutting you the fuck up!

    Annabelle: Your doing a terrible job, and you expect people to like you? please..

    Taylor: That's it little bitch! Knives out bring up the tempo!(we in mah world now bitch were spirits roam and humans die!)

    Annabelle: h-huh?! alright faster it is then!

    Taylor: hahaha not so fast you fucking shit! your not getting a turn! No mercy!

    Annabelle: i-i-i

    Taylor: Tough shit annabelle! Your not in The Fantasy Realm anymore killing another student or other shit like that! Your in my world now I am the queen! And I control who holds the mic!

    execution begin!

    Taylor: You wanna make m angry? FINE! You wanna see the real me? FINE! I'll feed you to Cerberus for wasting my fucking time! I'm not afraid to kick your ass! I've got nothing here to lose! May you remember never to ignite the short Taylor Kiyama fuse! You say Justin will complete you! Nothing will fix your broken soul!(Justin sempai is mine annabelle) Specially if you think torture and homicide's love's troll! Your mother should have swallowed and your empty kind should mind should mind your goddanm business! There's enough murder in the world! we're not looking to fill a need! When I said your brain was small, I ment it! Did you ever think that Justin would love if you spoke up and stoped being a fucking brat!? Who has a hard-on for the screams of her classmates and stalks a guy?! You say no one cares about me, at least I'm not living a lie! I'm a single 12 year old emo potato who struggles to get out of the fucking bed! Making songs and fan art I'll never be alive! Begging humans to read my shit is something i'm not proud to do! But if I worked up a cubicle, you'd have a crap voice, wouldn't you?! YOU'RE WELCOME! The reason people listen up is cause my content is great and people can't get enough! So when you bounce around my page, I might as well be your master! If I didn't give a shit about being broke, I'd make more songs make them faster! All your souls, the corpses, and the screams people hear. You're the face, but behind the screen, im the one to fear!

    Emery: Who won? You choose!

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  • @Anna-Demon for me it was on a ut chat server and it was chara as ayanno and for some reason asriel as the other one

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    @CharaAsterno yes. i played michala laws, and Anna played Ayano Aishi

  • i got a feelin this may be based off of the yandere sim rap battle because it sound so simalar to what a two people said when fighting over me in a dumbass rp tbh i was never so confused in my life

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    this was based off of a yt video btw

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