rp charater info i guess -Rei (possiblely more in the future)

  • Rei, is a young boy aged 12-17 a detail that i'll get into later he looks a lot like frisk (don't kill me) minus his long hair short hight of around 4''5. hes also extremely light. he does not remember anything from his past. hes really shy, and sensitve mentally and physically. he may not seem like it but he is friendly once he opens up to a person he also is very careing but depending on the stae of the world hes in combat wise, thred different encounterss: the first one is when you initiatethe fight, he will almost always try to do things peacefuly and or surrender. second one is when he starts to become verry wounded. he is prone to transform into the fafnir knight (look it up on google its the guy with fire on his head)
    third one is when you've done something terrible or are intent on killing him he will transform into stage one fafnir knight same image as before if he can't beat you with that he'll go to phase two it'll be the image of this black and red thing if that Doesn't beat you phase three its the black and gold thing with green energyblade thing on its arm. if you manage to beat that he'll be fataly wounded and be back to human. hel'll stall you so others can run if there is anyone

  • might add someone tomorrow


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