AotR Character Info: Lashura Komineguri

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    Lashura Komineguri, the 14 y/o girl who turned out to be the Angel of Violet, is an outgoing, loving, somewhat immature, selfless person. She puts other's needs before her's, attempting not to be like her mother (who is highly abusive and cares about nothing but herself) She also knows Hattori Hinegaya has a crush on her, she just dosen't show it because she's too scared to. Her favorite color, is Violet, ( °⌒ν°⌒ get it?) she just absolutely loves cats, and the series The Fantasy Realm. She has purple hair, is African-American, is pretty normal in height and weight for her age, and has purple eyes. This is all you need to know about Lashura Komineguri.

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    little did she know the creator of the fantasy realm is a neko UwU (a cat girl)


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