A long ass post about me, Frisk.(im one of many of them)

  • So if you are Reading this it means one of a few things, the first would be because you like-many others like undertale or that you arn't going to read this at all and just say something like ''This isn't true about frisk at all! insert bulsshit whineing here'' and much more but before we learn about me let's get some Things outta the way. First would be "do you like sans'' or ''are you in love with So and so''* sigh's * To answer your questions. i'll say this. no i won:t tell you who i like and who i love.

    So without any more delays lets begin

    My name is Frisk. I don't have a last name, I don't know if i ever had one. but anyways I'm 17 years old. I'm a 4"5 Male, I have Very long black hair it's about 4"2 long and I have a more white skin tone then other frisk's.
    Major differences From other Frisk's

    The trend is about Frisk's is that we are really good at flirting, not shy, extremely tough and strong, as well as independent.

    I am none of these thing's. I am to shy to flirt, I easily become overwhelmed mentaly and physically, Am extremly sensitive mentaly and physically as well a weak and easy to take advantage of. im also easy to flatter. i cannot deal with flirting it makes me feel weird and also messes with my mind. I don't fight . unless im the o-only one left.

    im just a young boy. so don't expect me to be like the others..
    but hey im okay im determined to make things the best for everyone

  • @Anna-Demon Um he's related to Rei if you are wondering

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @GOD-OF-HYPER-DEATH Hewo, y'know i have a friend who defeated a god, try beating him

  • Yeah how did you beat me. WANNA HAVE A REMATCH!

  • Frisk: Sooooo anyquestions?