No secrets can hide from the lie detector X3

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    Emery: hey can we play twister?

    Anna: i am not playing twister with you dude

    Taylor: chill with the twister, how old are you?

    Emery: old enough!

    Taylor: what is this?

    Anna: what is that?

    Emery: *reads the box * secrets cant hide from the lie detector

    Taylor: im down

    Anna: we're not actually going to play this game are we?

    Emery: i dont know looks fun to me

    Anna: no lets play poke or something

    (skiping to the good part cuz im too lazy XD)

    Emery: have you dont know..killed anybody?

    Anna: yes ive killed someone before

    (long creepy silence)

    Anna: in fortnite

    Emery: were you home on the night of January 22 2020?

    Anna: yes *wrong answer sound * emy do you have a job that youve kept undercover?

    Emery: no *wronggg * Anna are you a hitman for the sanga panga cartel?

    Anna: no *wrong * emery..are you a narc?

    Emery: nope *WRONGGGG * how do you feel about what you say can and will be used against you in the court of law?

    Anna: feels great..emery do you think your messing with the same woman right now?

    Emery: no *correct *

    Anna: did you know that there are 10 of my best men parked outside your house? and they have been watching you allll week

    Emery: *a bunch of red lights appear on her *

    Anna: look at you glowing like a big red cristmas tree....its time to open gifs

  • I like how i just said: Its time to open gifts and just ended it right there XD

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @Nikki-Demon the power of youtube


  • Banned

    How did you copy all of this down?!!!