Rp charaters data location

  • seeing as it's sometimes a pain in the ass to hunt down character description posts to change, review or whatever i mad this post dedicated to helping you the creator's and users of said oc,/rp charater's find an easier way to keep track and manage your charater's yes it's okay to put non-oc charater's in here you just have to mark the particular varient that you made as your's should you rp an example would be like : Charater: hello uh have we met? you look exactly like me.
    User 2's charater: uh no but i got afeeling that something stupid is happeing)
    you can get creative with these kinda thing's like with my alt Jakobe Neo, and this account's Jakobe. they both are jakobe so to shorten the names they will be jake and Jake neo

    my frisk alt's well they are both frisk so i put fem infront of the alt's acc frisk

    have fun i can't wait to see what kinds of inhabitant's will show up to this archive and get them selves recoreded

    (ps if your chararater is from a fan made universe ex. Storyfell (undertale but edgy plus storyshift) use the short form like sf)