A Cult Fantasy (Episode 2 Meeting Mikeala)

  • Awakeners Of The Light

    *que le op shooting stars *

    Deep in night they fly shooting stars just passing by! oh what a wonderful a new day! with you everythings ok! oh i love you so! but i to let you go! oh i am sorry my lovee! but 1 day we'll meet again! Shooting stars are passing in! Oh what glorious night....i have you by my side...oh child i promise you ill never let you die..ill give you this for protection! Oh child youll never be alone!!!

    A Cult Fantasy

    (Meanwhile at le mountain city/kingdom)

    Starlight: So this is my home!

    Emery: were are your parents?

    Starlight: oh...i dont exactly have parents

    Emery: Im sorry, hm...how about i look after you?

    Starlight: really?!

    Emery: really really

    Starlight: reeeee thank you!!! *she hugs emery tightly *

    Emery: hehee your welcome!

    Starlight: also! i want you to meet someone!

    Emery: ok!

    Starlight: *she takes her to a nice building and knocks on the door * hoiiii! mikeala!!! open up!!

    Mikeala: *opens the door * Oh! Hello Starlight! And who is this beautiful lady~?

    Emery: *she blushes a little and smiles * I am Emeryiah Dinrai! Its a pleasure to meet you!

    Mikeala: Its a pleasure to meet you too~

    Starlight(mind): i ship itttt

    Mikeala: why dont you two come it for something to eat?

    Emery: thank you *she walks in to see his beautiful house * wow!

    Mikeala: *his angel wing pokes her back *

    Emery: hm? *she turns around and sees his wings *(hes a fallen angel) y..youre a-

    Mikeala: a fallen angel. yes.

    Emery: can i...touch your wing?

    Mikeala: of course.

    Emery: *she touches his wing * so soft..

    Mikeala: hehe thank you

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