Um...Just A Random Thank you. Read if you want.(UPDATED FOR GOOD REASONS)

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    (Disclaimer: Cheesy af ;-;)

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, this has really been one of the most positive sites I've ever been on, think about it...if Stella, Nia, and Amirah wasn't here this would be one of the BEST social media sites in existence. Everyone on here is so nice and caring for eachother, it's kinda like were all family in a way...(THIS NEXT PART WAS ADDED BECAUSE IT NEEDED TO BE). I really love you all, you guys are really the best people I have ever met I would take a bullet for each and ever one of you. Even those who really hate me(Nia I'm talking to you XD), you guys really helped me through some stuff, and I'm glad that I can help others with there issues. I you think about it were helping each other through our issues..Anyway I don't wanna make this too long so I'm gonna end it right here, I love you guys baiiiiii(ps. STAY SAFE FROM THE CORONA)

  • wait there's new cunt's that showed up when i was gone

  • Killjoy the serial killer group :)


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    also i just wish there wasnt so many boomers XD


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