• you know whene your stuck inside all day you go insane so... here are some things you can do to help with the boredum.....1 clean your house/apt, it will prevent le germs. 2. cry in a dark corner alone... "Y do I have to be suck in all french taosting day!!!!!!!!!!" 3. learn to sew. 4. have a meating and or a tea party with those newly sewed stuffed animals/people. 5. tell your life story on Dotb!! 6. make food. 7. make a covid safe room...with cleaning supplies.8. learn to do graffiti.9. organize no offence but those shelves need some cleaning. and finaly!!!!....10.!! go to home depo and get wood. bonus!! make something with wood.

    plz try if bored from covid19!! stay safe and stay indoors!!!

  • meh ive always been home 24/7 so in cunclusion ive been issane XD. But currenty im making a covid19 apocalypse survival kit, im designing my room to make it look more weebish and edgyish, Im doing random shit on this site, im trying to get ferocious yellow beast(and im failing misrebly), Im attemping to binge assassins pride, im learning coping mechanisms for cutting like cutting my pillow(thx for teaching me that coping mechanism btw), and sleeping till 12:00pm