Any hero recommends to look for in pulls?

  • As I'm playing the game so far, I have two SR heroes. Azure Draconic Naginata, and Flame of the Suzaku.

    I really don't do many pulls because I don't play very often, but I was wondering if there are any heroes I should look out for when pulling in the gacha?

    Also, I nearly have three of my heroes to max awakening, and I'm trucking along through the story, doing the event quests and daily quests when possible.

    And my favorite hero is Corrupted Flamberge so far, as I have yet to pull any of the red hero variants. The story is real interesting, and I might even attempt to cosplay someone!!

  • dragon tamer's skills hit realy hard

  • Weebapocalypse

    Ghastly Skulls, and Grim Judge. Ive wanted these for a long time because they are really good heros, and if you get them kudos to you. and i also have dragonic nagnita, and suzaku, i really love suzaku


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