What I think of my besties/family (UPDATED)

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    my homie made one, sooo i decided to make one cuz why the hell not XD

    Foxie/Rem-chan: She is literally one of the best people I have ever met, she is SUPER nice to me and almost everyone on here. She is my homie/Sister/Mother figure(cuz shes more logical than me XD). I love her so much, and if you even dare hurt her I will send you straight to hell! Got that? No hurting mah homie!

    Shiro/Subaru: He is a very amazing person, He is like SUPERR cool! To anyone who can handle alot of Rem fanboying, hit this guy up. (hes like a big brother XD)

    BlazeUltimate2000/SoullessBlaze2000: He is so fricking amazing, he is the best bestie/little brother ever! He is like so fricking funny and nice once you get to know him. He might be a bit meanish at first but once you get to know him, he can be one of your bestest friends of all time im telling you. And if I cant get you if you hurt him, he surely will XD.

    Frisk: He is just straight up amazing, I love him alot, he is a very nice, caring, loving, and funny person, and might I add that he is hella good at playing warface. Also hurt him and your getting more than tazed, YA GETTIN NUKED!

    Dagrimreaper/Michelle: I basically love the hell out of her! She is super nice, and last night when it was storming and I was under a tornado warning and i was scared to death, she was there for me through the whole thing(tysm btw), and she is super funny. girl you rock!

    Nikki: She is really supportive, and I love playing fortnite with her and maryam, even though I've missed almost every single time they've played due to time zone differences XD. She is really nice also! She gave meh yarn! And she of funny af might I add.

    Maryam: She's pretty cool, and nice! She's pretty good at mario kart and fortnite, and she absolutely loves bts. not that i blame her they're pretty awesome, I would say more but my hand is cramping and this is way to long XD

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    Updatedddddd :3

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @Frisk your welcome

  • Many thanks comrade


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