A Cult Fantasy Character info (Annabelle)

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    When emery moved away when anna was 17 and emery was 14, Anna was left hurt and broken and since emery was the only thing that actually made her want to go to school she began skipping it, until she was caught by her parents and she was told to go back to school, one day while she was walking home wishing that soyari would fuck off and leave her alone she ran into moonlight he was covered in bruises and scars, she empathized him and offered to take him home and help him with his wounds. and he accepted immediately, they went home and put some bandages on him while they talked about some stuff. (spoiler ahead >.<) on her 5th day of school she noticed a male, he was nice looking and she almost tripped into the fountain while she was caught up staring at his perfection. she became completely obsessed over him and she knew she was not going to let anyone have him no matter what the cost was. she always carried her knife and her forgemaste knife in her pocket after that, a student died a few days later and she seemed to have the name of Nioa Sama, no one kows how she died though..(of course anna killed her >:3)

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @Frisk nobody can know yet

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