A Cult Fantasy (Ep. 4 Brother and Sister bonding time, at school?!)

  • Weebapocalypse

    (theres a bit more swearing in this one than the others would)

    *it begins to rain heavily *

    Annabelle: *sighs and walks to math class * (the most dreaded subject XD)

    Blaze: *also walking to math class * Ugh..I hate math...

    Annabelle: Join the club....

    *very loud lightning strikes and the power goes out *

    Annabelle: OH FUCK! WHAT THE HELL?

    Blaze: Well shit powers out

    Annabelle: *an alert goes on her phone *

    Alert:*in Japanese cuz why not * The national weather service has issued a tornado warning for all of [enter county name here]

    Annabelle: *is already in the fetal position on the ground *

    Blaze: *just sits down with her and plays a gacha life on his phone *

    Annabelle: *she turns on data and goes on omlet arcade on her phone * Blaze I just found the cutest meme ever

    Blaze: What is it?

    Annabelle: *he shows him a kawaii anime neko girl meme *

    Blaze: Yeah, that is pretty cute. Y'know you seem pretty calm now

    Annabelle: Memes do wonders,

    LittleEnda(a user on omlet arcade): *sends Annabelle a kawaii meme *

    Annabelle: *via text * Oh you just begging for a war enda *sends enda a picture of sleeping blaze *

    Blaze: *sees * How'd you get thattt?

    Annabelle: Hey you looked adorable so I snaped a photo

    Blaze: K then..

    (Sorry if this was kinda short)

  • @XxSoulless_AnnabellexX oh, tay?

  • Weebapocalypse


    fun fact: enda is an actual person irl, and omlet arcade is an actual app. i used it and me and her were good friends, and one time we got into a kawaii gif/meme war on there. i think she won but that was 2 years ago so i dont know

  • Me: * is at enda's * The hell is going on Enda?



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