A Cult Fantasy(Episode 4 Moonlight And Starlight's Story pt 1 moonlight)

  • Weebapocalypse

    Moonlight(10 yo): *walks in covered in blood *

    Starlight(10 yo): Blood...?

    Moonlight: I wanted to kill someone...So I killed someone...

    Starlight: Well...whaddya wanna do now?

    ???: *throws a hand grenade down *

    Starlight: *she shields him *

    ???: *they grab starlight and run off *

    Starlight: nng *trying to escape * LET GO OF ME!!

    Moonlight: *he chases the kidnaper * HEY LET GO OF MY SISTER YOU DIRTY BASTARD!!!

    ???: *they disappear *

    Moonlight: NO! ....S-starlight...i-i-i...i can't believe i just let her get kidnaped...

    Lady: *she notices him * Kid were are your parents?

    Moonlight: ......I don't have any...

    *the lady takes him to a foster care and 2 days later he gets adopted *

    (2 years later)

    Moonlight's adopted father: You litte shitty bastard! I told you not to leave this house unless you were told you could!

    Moonlight: i-i..

    The shitty father: *continues to yell at him *

    The shitty mom: *throws ML a shovel * I need you to go dig a hole for me

    Moonlight: but its raining..

    The shitty mom: *she backhands him *

    Moonlight: f-fine... *he goes outside and begins to dig *

    the shitty mom: *goes back inside *

    Moonlight: *sees a chid's skeleton buried in there and he throws the shovel on the ground then goes back inside *

    (at 1:00a that night)

    Moonlight: ....*he goes into the shitty parents bed room *

    the shitty parents: zzzzz

    Moonlight: *he stabs them to death *

    End of part one

  • Weebapocalypse

    @BlazeUltimate2-2000 bitches dieddd

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    rip shitty parents


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