Report in-game bugs here!

  • Details Regarding Bug: Reaching Rank 49 does not increase Team Cost to 99 for Quest Team.
    Time of Occurrence: 3:00 PM (PST)
    Player Name: Evan
    Hero/Character Used: Not applicable
    Device and Platform: Switch (though this probably affects all platforms)

  • English User

    @Administrator problem/bug: CO-OP mode bugging out or kicking me from peoples Co-ops then i can't create nor join any matchs any more

    hero: any

    time of occurrence: 6:17 am

    username: senakaru2

  • Details Regarding Bug: The on screen instance created when you go to arena persists in the main menu disabling most other options. You can still access the event banner, gems and SP menus along with the arena options but nothing else.
    Time of Occurrence: 0420 JST
    Player Name: Hado
    Hero / Character Used: N/A
    Device and Platform: Switch

  • English User

    @senakaru2 hero/character: any

    player name: senakaru

  • English User

    @Administrator game keeps saying an error happened then keeps telling me to hit cancel or it'll continue to pop-up till i hit it but once i do the game instantly crashes saying in game error with an ok button forceing me to relogin

    time: every day about 7 a.m. Chicago time

    issue: forced to be shut out completely even at one bar

    system: nintendo switch

  • English User

    @TuroK-K though your "problem" is old i linked mine too but,you don't get your gems till the very next day as i'm sure you noticed by now

  • Details Regarding Bug: here enhancement freeze(tutorial)
    Time of Occurrence:april 12, 2019 3:00am
    Player Name: ScarletE
    Hero/Character Used: Laevatein
    Device and Platform: IOS Iphone 8plus and nintendo switch!!!!

  • This is a problem a friend have and me.

    Details Regarding Bug: Ouas Sceptre won't lower the enemies attack as assist, unlike what the infromation about her assist says.
    Time of Occurrence: few updates back, but it's still happening.
    Player Name: Guizoca (Yuma-kun).
    Hero/Character Used: Any Hero as Leader and Allies, Ouas Sceptre as Assist.
    Device and Platform: Nintendo Switch.

  • Device: PC/Steam

    The game does not even open and I didn't find any solution yet.
    It only shows a black screen for less than 1 second then closes itself.

    OS: Windows 10 64bits

  • @CodyMKW This seems wrong. For me it would defeat the whole purpose of linking the account to my phone, for collecting the daily login bonuses, while commuting. Since the Game is a always-online game, I cant play it with the Switch on the go, unless I would use my phone as a Hot Spot.

    If it is somehow true, I would still need to keep track of the daily login bonuses. And if the next bonus will be Spirit Gems, only login with my device (Switch) that has some Gems already, since I'm always collecting for the 10+1 Pulls (costing 300 Gems).

  • @TuroK-K Gems obtained on Switch are only for Switch and gems obtained on mobile are only for mobile

  • Details Regarding Bug: After linking my Account the ammount of my Spirit Gems is not syncing while the Coins do.
    Time of Occurrence: Today since 19:00 - still present
    Player Name: TuroKK
    Hero/Character Used: -
    Device and Platform: Nintendo Switch and Android (Galaxy A7 (2018))

  • @LivDieRpeat You had to hold the A-Button, like on your fighters, to bring up the corresponding menu for unlocking. However this was very unintuitiv and I only found that out by accident aswell.
    I used to press the X-Button on fighters instead, which is now also possible on equipment. The X-Button used to do nothing on equipment.

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    in the event quest "Hime Tanaka 3/3" . the movement buttons for board aren't working so i can't complete the quest. the same thing is happening with every other none single battle quest.
    6:35 EST

    i have no screenshot
    device: Switch
    hero that i used when i found this out: Gothic Marionette lvl. 60
    player name: Tisumi

  • Having same issue as @ShirayukiGuy

    Details Regarding Bug:
    Was going back through the normal episodes to 100% them and I got to episode 2 part 1 and can't pick my direction.

    Time of Occurrence: Wednesday February 20, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST
    Player Name: Cody
    Hero/Character Used: Chaosbringer
    Device and Platform: Nintendo Switch
    alt text

    Edit: As a temporary workaround anyone having this issue close the game while it is asking you to pick a direction then restart and resume the quest and you will be able to pick the direction you want.

  • Details Regarding Bug:
    I was going through a story level and I came upon a crossroad, however it didn't let me choose to go right (the arrow isn't even selectable). I exited the level and tried on several other story maps. Unfortunately the problem is still there.
    Whenever I find myself at a crossroad I can't choose the option to go right. 😞

    Time of ocurrence:
    February 20 around 11:20 a.m. (GMT-6)
    Right after todays update.

    Player Name:

    Hero/Character Used:
    Nightmare Claws lv. 37.

    Device and Platform:
    Nintendo Switch.


  • English User

    i can't seem to send my photo from my switch but anyway was filling my stamina back up and i hit to use a ten stamina potion but it suddenly instead healed me to 410-450 stamina just wanted you guys to know and it didn't use any of my gems so it wasn't that one

  • I am unable to unlock locked SR equipment. I have many of the same equipment but i cant use them as enhance/awakening material. I know SR equipment and heroes are auto locked when attained, but there is no lock/unlock option on the SR equipment like there is with the SR Heroes. I do see a lock icon indicating that its locked, but when i tap it, nothing happens. I am playing on the switch so dont know if its a bug or if just me being blind.