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  • Details Regarding Bug:
    I was going through a story level and I came upon a crossroad, however it didn't let me choose to go right (the arrow isn't even selectable). I exited the level and tried on several other story maps. Unfortunately the problem is still there.
    Whenever I find myself at a crossroad I can't choose the option to go right. 😞

    Time of ocurrence:
    February 20 around 11:20 a.m. (GMT-6)
    Right after todays update.

    Player Name:

    Hero/Character Used:
    Nightmare Claws lv. 37.

    Device and Platform:
    Nintendo Switch.


  • English User

    i can't seem to send my photo from my switch but anyway was filling my stamina back up and i hit to use a ten stamina potion but it suddenly instead healed me to 410-450 stamina just wanted you guys to know and it didn't use any of my gems so it wasn't that one

  • I am unable to unlock locked SR equipment. I have many of the same equipment but i cant use them as enhance/awakening material. I know SR equipment and heroes are auto locked when attained, but there is no lock/unlock option on the SR equipment like there is with the SR Heroes. I do see a lock icon indicating that its locked, but when i tap it, nothing happens. I am playing on the switch so dont know if its a bug or if just me being blind.


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