Memes Big editon L2D edition dual edition edition edition

  • (some of these are based off real memes and some i made myself)
    Light Blaze: *sees a gun * It's a fucking gun. Yay. I:3
    Dark Blaze: AW HELL NO HOS *yeets the gun *
    Demetri: *gets hit in the face with gun * BITCH IMMA FUCKIN KICK YO ASS

    (lines mean new meme)
    Light Blaze: I want to fucking die
    Random mofo: ok then i'll kill you *points gun at lb *
    Light Blaze: No i want to have the satisfaction of doing it myself
    Random mofo: ok then *hands her da gun *
    Light Blaze: *points it at her hed and smiles *

    Light Blaze: ok so no head? *smashes her phone on the ground * BITCH (srry it was short)

    Demetri: hey guys welcome to metrisexyfashionvlogs today we have dis new shirt
    Dark Blaze: *walks in wearing the same shirt *
    Dark Blaze: NO U FUCKIN CHANGE *pushes him on the nearby bed * *that one memey romance song plays *

    Light Blaze: there r u dudes chillin in a hot pool
    *db's on one side and metris on the other
    Light Blaze: sitting on opposite sides cuz theyre not gay

    Light Blaze: fuck you
    Dark Blaze: no fuck you
    Demetri: ok how about fuck u both

    i have no more memes plz dont ban me bye bye

  • meems make wonders

  • I'm alive and surviving Covid19

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