My Demons meme (I know its not thesame but bare with me here people)

  • Weebapocalypse

    Take me over..The walls below! Fight forever! Don't let me go! I need savior to heal my pain! Will I become my worst enemy? The enemy...

    Anna: ....*knocked down and bleeding *

    Mia: HA I knew you couldn't beat me!

    Anna: *mumbles * Take me high and I'll sing...You make everything ok...We are one in the same...You take all of the pain away.........*becomes Lucifea *

    Take me high and I'll sing! Oh, you make everything Okay! Okay! Okay! K! Okay! Okay! We are one in the same oh you take all of the pain away!! Away! Away! Away!

    Lucifea: Good night! *she slices mia in two with her scythe *

    So save me if I become...My demons!

    (Potential season 1 finale for Acf)

  • just to make sure the fucking vampire doesn't get up the smol bean jake lights the corpse on fire*


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